Celebrating Halloween Safely During a Pandemic


Kami Polittes jack o’lantern

Emma Mayfield , Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner and the risk of spreading Covid students and families will be celebrating Halloween differently this year. Don’t worry just yet, not all is lost. There are still many social distance friendly activities to do during this pandemic. There are way too many people who are choosing to believe that Halloween itself is cancelled, but they have it all wrong. According to the CDC traditional trick or treating is a high risk activity, there are plenty of other activities we can enjoy with our families.
Some lower risk actives that the CDC recommends are:

  • Carving or decorating pumpkins with your household members, or with neighbors and friends in an open area
  • Decorate your house for Halloween
  • Have a virtual Costume Contest
  • A movie night with your family
  • Having a Halloween scavenger hunt

When senior Kami Politte was asked If any of her plans for Halloween have changed due to Covid she said, ”Usually we go to my grandparents house for Halloween but this year we couldn’t go. We still carved pumpkins like we do every year.“
MacKenzie Boyet said, ”During Halloween I usually get a small group of friends together and we hang out.” The CDC is recommending that even small gatherings with friends be held outdoors.
Of course, it is going to be weird switching from what has been done the same for years completely different. Some families are switching from going door to door asking for delicious sweets to staying home and eating their own. It has been hard for a lot of people to grasp the fact that they have to keep themselves safe. Halloween isn’t being canceled, but it’s time to think outside of the box. Ideas vary from small cookouts, movie nights, or even scavenger hunts.
All of these ideas are low risks activities which makes them the best ways to celebrate the well known holiday. Even if you choose activities that have a higher risk, you can still take many precautions that keep everyone healthy in the safest way possible. These precautions are things like wearing masks, social distancing, and frequently washing your hands.