Random Acts of Kindness

Arionna Johnson

Random acts of kindness are very important. It is something that is easy to do, but isn’t done very often. It also reminds people that there is still kindness in the world. It shows the person receiving the kindness that they are noticed and are cared for, it makes the person giving it feel like they have accomplished something and brings them joy. Random acts of kindness shows that we can still get through the hard days.


Here is a list of random acts of kindness that can be done: 

  • Help someone who dropped their papers, pick them up.
  • If someone is struggling with something that you are doing well at, help them with it. (no cheating)
  • Buy someone’s food for them
  • Pick up trash at a neighborhood park
  • Help a teacher carry something
  • Help the janitors keep everything clean
  • Include the people who aren’t always included
  • Open the door for someone. 
  • Let someone else go first in the bathroom or in the lunch line.
  • Give a unexpected compliment 
  • Give someone your seat in a crowded area