The Life of Sarah Hornsey 


Jade Williams, Reporter

Sarah Hornsey is a 2021 senior of Potosi High School. Her activities include: tennis, PHS ambassadors, college ambassadors, FHCC, NJHS and REACH. Hornsey is always busy doing something, whether it’s homework or college classes. As her senior year is almost halfway through, Sarah has managed to be one of the top 15 students in her class.


She would describe her senior year as, “crazy, challenging, and unpredictable.” Everything happening in the world right now has had a very big impact on the seniors. Hornsey and her fellow classmates never could have anticipated a pandemic to happen in their senior year of high school. 


Hornsey has had many teachers in her past and out of all of them she has choose Mr. Kester as her favorite. She said, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Kester. He was such a great teacher and he was always willing to help anyone with anything, anytime.” 


When Hornsey graduates she said she is going to miss the school assemblies the most, “I will always remember the school assemblies because they have always been so fun.” Hornsey also mentions that she is most proud of our assembly traditions, especially when the band performs the fight song. “I love how people stand and participate with the band during the fight song or another song that they play.” 


Next year, Hornsey plans to attend University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis to be a pharmacist. So far, she has received a $15,000 scholarship for her first two years of college. She is hoping to receive many more scholarships for her academic career.