Classic and Not So Classic: How PHS Students Feel About Thanksgiving Treats


Ellie Reese and Aubrey Martin

This Thanksgiving is going to be anything but normal, with zoom meetings taking the place of classic family get-togethers and limitations on how many of these family members you can actually see in person. Even though things are changing this holiday season, one thing that will never change is the love for Thanksgiving feasts. A few PHS students had a lot to say about these foods and desserts. 


Freshman Macklin Davis said, “Man I love rolls. They are like all I like to eat. An honorable mention though is deviled eggs. You can even make a deviled egg roll sandwich, wouldn’t that be good.” 


Rolls are no question Macklin’s favorite Thanksgiving food, but Junior Ava Hammons said, “Green bean casserole is it. The flavors in there are immaculate.” 


Junior Riley Skiles followed up with a different opinion. She said, “My favorite food is definitely mashed potatoes. They are just good. Like that’s all you have to say about them. It’s obvious.”


Just as obvious to Junior Ava Hammons is this, “cranberry sauce is disgusting for obvious reasons. The texture is just not it for me.” This seemed to be a common thought among the group. Macklin agreed by saying, “I have never tried cranberry sauce, but it just looks nasty. You can’t tell me that stuff is good.”


Another common opinion: “Whatever that sweet potato thing is just looks disgusting. Sweet potatoes don’t belong in a dessert. There is no way that can be someone’s favorite, weirdos,” Macklin said. 


Ava felt strongly about this sweet as well. She said, “Now that sweet potato casserole dessert, why would you put sweet potatoes in a dessert and with marshmallows? That is the worst combination. A very bad idea. If you like that you have no taste.”


Although that dessert is a bust among this group, Riley describes a treat she loves, she said, “I don’t really like sweets, but my mom makes this dessert for Thanksgiving. It’s called banana split cake. My mom likes to be funny and say she just buys two banana splits from Dairy Queen, but really it has all the classic stuff in it like pineapple, bananas, cherries, pecans, and whipped cream. It’s kind of a lot, but all the flavors just work.” She does have a not so popular opinion on this classic Thanksgiving dessert though. Riley said, “I know it’s weird, but I don’t like pumpkin pie. I just don’t care for pumpkin anything.”


Mackin’s favorite dessert to have on Thanksgiving is also not as common, he said, “Gooey butter cake is so good. I feel like no one ever mentions this one for Thanksgiving. It is just so sweet and it has great texture with the gooeyness.”


No matter how you decide to spend Thanksgiving this year, one thing is for sure, food will definitely be there. Although many will be apart this holiday season, whether it is in memory, or in person, food will always bring people together.