Girls Basketball Starts off Winter Sports at Home

Rilee Bone, Editor

It is finally Winter sports season again and girls basketball started us off with their first home game. Although they fell to West County 40-29, the team was glad to be back at home and Trojan fans were glad to be watching from their own stands. 


Junior Annie McCaul stated, “It felt really awesome to play at home again. I am so excited for the rest of our season.” Because of Covid-19, there are some different rules for this season, but coaches, players, and fans are pushing through the season and are happy to do anything to get through another sports season. 


The girls basketball team also lost 52-48 to Perryville in the Fredericktown Tournament on November 30, but Freshman Paige West is still hopeful about the season. “I think our season is going to be good. Our defense is getting a lot better and we have been stopping the main scorer on other teams quite a bit,” West stated.


West plays varsity as a freshman this year and is really showing her athleticism. West also stated “Playing varsity as a freshman is kind of stressful. It is a lot more fast paced and you have to know where you are at all times, but it is a good experience.”


McCaul also feels confident about the remainder of the season. “I think once we get our offense figured out, we will have a great season. Our defense is awesome so we just need to put the two together. I have a great feeling about this season.” McCaul stated.


With almost three months left in the season, the lady Trojans have plenty of time to improve. The girls basketball team plays at home again on December 14 and are ready to win.