An Unusual Christmas Celebration


Kadence Sadler, Reporter

For many of us Christmas may be a little different this year. The holidays are an exciting time of year for most of us, and one of the only times a year some families gather to enjoy some good food and lots and lots of gifts. Of course, the pandemic has thrown some curveballs in our faces. The PHS students are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year, trying their best to follow their every year traditions as usual. 


Some people celebrate Christmas just for the gifts; however, Christmas is much more. Christmas is an annual holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Sophomore Isaac Jones said, “I learned what the meaning of Christmas is from my parents.” Isaac grew up around a big religious family, so he has grown into the Christmas traditions. Every year Isaac and his family also go out and buy a real Christmas tree to put in their house.


Sophomore Hannah Shwendemann said that she learned the meaning of Christmas from her dad. Hannah also shared with me one of her favorite Christmas traditions she takes place in every year. Hannah said, “We usually all make Christmas cookies and watch the movie Christmas Vacation.” 


Christmas provides memories that no one will ever forget. Isaac has an unforgettable memory that he shared about the time that his uncle got him a basketball for Christmas, and Isaac said that he loved that basketball. Hannah also has an unforgettable memory from Christmas. “I remember one time when we played steal from your neighbor with my cousins.”


Christmas this year my be a little unusual compared to past years, but don’t let that stop you from giving to your loved ones, and celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.