Potosi Alumni Becomes a Local Police Officer


Ryker Walton

Potosi Police Department loves to welcome Officer Garret Wilkinson to their team. Wilkinson is a 2018 Potosi High School graduate, that was a part of many activities in high school including 4 years of basketball and baseball while he was attending Potosi High. After high school, he graduated from the Mineral Area Law Enforcement Academy.


Wilkinson said that his father had a huge influence on his choice of becoming an officer. His father has been a cop for over 20 years, and Wilkinson wanted to follow in his footsteps. 


In addition to being inspired by his father, Wilkinson also found excitement in law enforcement. He said, “Being an officer is something that always keeps you on your feet 24/7 and that is something I really like about it. Another reason why I wanted to be an officer is that there is something new going on every day and it is not the same thing day after day. “ Looking at the big picture, Wilkinson is done with college, and he just has the intentions of moving up in rank at the police department.


Wilkinson was a very good and hardworking student and person while he attended PHS. “No, the plan coming out of high school was to be a paramedic or a nurse, but then I found out that I wanted to interact more with people, and that I wanted to be in more high stress situations,” he said.


Wilkinson admitted that he does miss many things about his years attending PHS. He replied, “ Yes, I miss high school, I would go back in a heartbeat, I miss all my friends, after high school I only kept a few friends and that was it. I wish I could go back to only worrying about baseball and basketball practice and that was it.”


The Potosi Police Department happily welcomes the addition of Wilkinson to their program. Wilkinson is humbled and ready to give back and help people. Wilkinson concluded the interview with, “This community gave so much to me and I wanted to give back, I also love helping people in need.”