First Lady Jill Biden

Rilee Bone, Editor

The result of the 2020 presidential election is no longer news to anyone. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated into office as the President of the United States. With President Biden came First Lady, mother, educator, Dr. Jill Biden. 


Dr. Biden grew up in rural Pennsylvania as the oldest of five girls. Through school, she loved learning and particularly loved English class. She graduated high school in 1969 and went on to attend Brandywine Junior College for a semester to study fashion merchandising, but did not enjoy it. During this time, she married Bill Stevenson and opened up her own bar in Delaware.


After opening her bar, Biden transferred to the University of Delaware to earn her bachelor’s degree in English in 1975, where she met Senator Joe Biden, before earning her master’s degree in Education from West Chester University in 1981 and her master’s degree in English from Villanova University in 1987. During this time, she was teaching young adults at a psychiatric hospital and would later go on to teach at Claymont High School, Brandywine High School, and Delaware Technical and Community College.


Biden returned to the University of Delaware to earn her doctorate degree in 2007. Meanwhile, her husband was preparing to be the running mate of Barack Obama, where they would win the 2008 and 2012 elections and Dr. Jill Biden would become the Second Lady of the United States. At the beginning of Obama and Biden’s first term, Dr. Biden began working as an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, making her the first second lady to have a paying job while her husband was in office.


During her time multitasking as a professor and the Second Lady, she worked hand in hand with Michelle Obama to advocate for military families. During a previous marriage, President Biden had three children. Beau Biden, the oldest of the three, was in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps in Delaware, making the Biden’s a military family. This pushed Dr. Biden even more to advocate for military families. In 2011, Dr. Biden and First Lady Obama created the Joining Forces initiative to help military families and Dr. Biden eventually became the director of the organization.


Dr. Biden has also spent years advocating for cancer research after four of her friends were diagnosed in 1993 and Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015. With no question, Dr. Biden also advocates for education, believing everyone deserves good, proper education. Dr. Biden has expressed how strongly she feels about women empowerment and opening the eyes of the world.


After President Biden was inaugurated into office in January, the Republican party was not happy. Many American’s wanted nothing more than Trump in office again in fear that President Biden would uproot their world. It is a common belief that Democrats want to take their guns and allow immigrants to ruin America, but when you take a closer look into the Biden’s, it becomes apparent that that is not the goal and certainly is not the goal of Dr. Biden. 


President and First Lady Biden are Americans just like us. They have experienced loss and heartbreak and are a proud military family. Dr. Biden is a teacher, just like the ones we see everyday. She cares about the things we all care about and is the strong First Lady we need during such a hard time in our country. Dr. Jill Biden is a mom, a wife, and a daughter, but most importantly our First Lady.