Flavour Gypsies: Students Review


Hannah Jarvis, Editor

Whether it’s a fun family dinner or an after school bite with your friends, restaurants seem to be the place to go to hangout. Despite Covid-19, Potosi has seen many small businesses pop up, one of which is Flavour Gypsies. Flavour Gypsies started as a small food business owned by Chrissy Gerrish and Mary Ellen Lawson, but has recently expanded into its very own building. One factor that led Gerrish and Lawson to become business partners is their long term friendship.

Gerrish stated, “We were best friends growing up so it kinda just made sense to try something on our own. Having the food truck made us realize that we definitely wanted to commit to something bigger, but it helped us start out small and build our reputation. We love the freedom running our own business brings and how it allows us to do whatever we want our own way, which allows us the ability to expand our menu based on what us and the customers are feeling.” 

Jade Williams is one of the many people who can’t seem to get enough of this new restaurant. “I love how they constantly have new recipes that no one else has,”  Williams stated, “Their butter burger is great and their fries are on a whole nother level. The sweet seasoning that they put on the fries are so good.”

Molly Hector strongly agreed, stating, “No matter what you order, their fries seem to highlight everything. I also like how they have these vegan bowls where you can customize whatever you want to go in there. It really gives you the freedom to create what you want and shows off the creativity of the restaurant.”

However, it’s not just the juicy burgers and well seasoned fries that make this place stand out. Williams said, “It’s not anything like the other restaurants in town. It has its own look and different specials everyday that show the thought and creativity that goes into each meal.” On the other hand, Hector pointed out their free Bible stand. “I love how they have it there as an option for those who are looking to grow their faith. It really shows how much they embrace and support the community.”

I have personally been there multiple times and loved everything that they have to offer. So if you’re in the area and looking for a place to hangout, Flavour Gypsies is a family-friendly restaurant with a phenomenal change of menu.