Popular TV Shows on Streaming Services


Arionna Johnson and Lexy Wilson

About a year ago when we were all stuck inside, so many of us turned to binge watching shows on streaming services. A lot of the tv shows that we like are on different streaming services including: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock. These are Arionna and Lexy’s 3 top picks from each of these streaming services.



Hulu Basic costs $5.99 a month, but it comes with commercials; Hulu Premium costs $11.99 and is commercial-free.

One Tree HillIn a small North Carolina town, two estranged half brothers carry on very different lives. Basketball prodigy Nathan Scott has inherited the throne of high school popularity once held by his father, Dan, while Lucas Scott, also a talented player, stays an outsider (description given by Hulu). The series started in 2003 with all nine seasons available to watch. 

*Arionna’s opinion: One Tree Hill is a wonderful show if you are into drama, romance and basketball. In this series the family begins to be your family and the show becomes a real tear jerker. It’s full of tension and drama with many plot twists and scenes that add to the excitement of the show. 

GiftedA marvel universe tv series that made its appearance in 2017 and lasted for two seasons. It told the story of a family who was living their lives as a normal family until one day it was discovered that their children have mutant powers. They then had to hide from the rest of the world and when doing so they found others just like them. They then became a community, but still face many hardships and struggles with their abilities. 

*Arionna’s opinion: Gifted is a series that you never see what is going to happen next. You have a group of people who are hiding from the world but always end up getting in sticky situations. It’s a great movie to watch with the family. It had both superheroes and actions to keep half of the family entertained and romance, family bonds, and drama to keep the other half entertained. 

Grey’s Anatomy– A tv series, started in 2005, starts around a group of interns and grows to include other doctors as their stories progress. The show is mainly focused on the surgical floor but explores other floors, too. It has many traumatic and eventful scenes, but it isn’t just a documentary on how daily life goes in the hospital. You have your romance, your family drama, your favorite best friend duos, you have all the fun and exciting things that make it a good series. A good enough series that it’s gone on for 17 seasons and is still going. 

*Arionna’s opinion: I love Grey’s Anatomy! It’s the type of show that you can watch all day and all night long. It’s filled with plot twists that just keep you going. My most favorite part is that if you don’t feel like sitting and watching the episodes in a numerical order then you don’t have to, after missing a couple episodes it is very easy to catch up on what you missed. 



Standard netflix costs $13.99a month and you can watch on two different screens at the same time. The premium plan is $17.99 a month and you can watch one four screens at a time.  

All AmericanBased on a true story this show, first aired on the CW in 2018, follows the story of Spencer James, a football player who moves from his hometown school to the Beverly Hills High School team. As part of Netflix’s Black Lives Matter Collection, it follows the culture of South Los Angeles and addresses racism. 

*Lexy’s opinion: If you want a show full of football, high school drama, and following the struggles of a rising African American athlete then this is your show. From the pilot I fell in love with this show, not only did it have the football aspect like the title entails, but it also has the struggle of family and a neighborhood that is struck with gang violence. Currently on its third season, All American continues to get better with the highs and lows of the main character’s senior year of high school. 


The Vampire DiariesAs the vampire phenomenon swept the nation in the early 2000’s, the Vampire Diaries was released in 2009. It follows the story of a seventeen year old Elena Gilbert who is having to deal with the death of both of her parents. Stefan Salvatore, a new stranger comes into school with a secret and they automatically have a connection when they first meet.

*Lexy’s opinion: I am a sucker for a supernatural drama and this is my absolute favorite show of all time, so much so that I have watched it multiple times and will continue to watch it multiple times after. Filled with romance and many twists and turns I was not disappointed with any of the eight seasons including the series finale. The villains continue to be my favorite part of the show because all in all they brought so much more life to the show. 


RiverdaleStarting out like most shows that involve high school, Riverdale follows a group of friends. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are all trying to solve the murder of a fellow classmate, Jason Blossom. This show will offer your fill of romance as well as your desire for a mystery.

*Lexy’s opinion: I really like Riverdale. I definitely feel like through the seasons it teeters on the brink of becoming a supernatural drama, but they never take that final step. I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons, but after that it started to become repetitive and goes completely away from what the first couple of seasons establish. 



Disney+ costs $7 a month or $70 a year.

Wizards of Waverly PlaceA childhood throwback, Wizards of Waverly Place follows a family of wizards who are trying to keep their magic under wraps. Alex, Justin, and Max are all wizards in training who stick together through all of the chaos and mistakes in all four seasons.

*Lexy’s opinion- This show was top ranking on my list throughout my childhood. It provided comedy and the kid friendly supernatural aspect that got me started on the shows that I love today. Even though it’s from most people’s childhoods, it still reminds me of how close a family is even throughout all of the mistakes.


WandaVisionA Disney+ original from Marvel Studios WandaVision came out in 2021 with a nine episode first season. Post Endgame, it follows the seemingly normal lives of Wanda and Vision in a sitcom each episode through the decades. Behind all of the props, some secrets are brewing.

*Lexy’s opinion- To begin with WandaVision started out a little slow, but after you get through the first two episodes the show picks up and gets extremely good. Like every other Marvel fan I could not pass up the opportunity to watch it and with only nine episodes in the first season I have to say I’m impressed. If the Avengers or anything superheroes is your thing then this is for sure your show. 


Remember the TitansBased on a true story that came out in 2000, this movie involves an African American head football coach who is starting at a newly integrated school. There are struggles that are faced throughout the movie, but in the end they overcome their differences and work together as a team.

*Lexy’s opinion: My freshman year we watched this movie at least once in most of my classes. If football is your thing then this is definitely your type of movie. Not only does it have the football aspect, but it is really heartwarming when they start to work together. Watching the movie six, maybe more, times made it one of my top sports movies.  



Peacock can be watched for free, but Peacock Premium unlocks everything and costs $4.99 per month.

Chicago MedStarting out on its sixth season, Chicago Med isn’t like every other doctor show. The team of doctors and nurses face some of the most rare cases that the city has to offer and of course all of the drama and romance that comes with working in a hospital.

*Lexy’s opinion- I started out watching this show with my mom and really hopping in on the fifth season. From what I have seen so far, the chemistry is amazing and of course the doctor aspect is my favorite. There are some tear jerking moments and along with twists and turns, but this show is for sure one of my top medical shows.  


Young RockStarting out on its first season, airing the pilot a couple of weeks ago, this tv show is based solely around Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. It tells all about his life story as he is running for president in 2032 and tells his life story to a reporter. The comedy tells all about his childhood, teenage years, college years, and life as an adult.

*Lexy’s opinion- Young Rock brings the comedy aspect for sure and that comes from a girl who does not like comedy. If you are obsessed with the Rock and want to learn his life story then this show is probably for you. 


Everybody Hates ChrisEverybody hates Chris is a sitcom based on the life of young Chris Rock. It deals with the African American culture and the neighboring communities. It is serious because it has multiple episodes but it is not something that you have to sit and watch in a certain order. The episodes do not tie in with each other most of the time and if they do there is part 1 and part 2. 

*Arionna’s opinion- Everybody Hates Chris is a great comedy. It’s based on how bad life is for Chris. It ranges from his school life, where he only has one friend and they both get bullied. It also goes to his home life where his mother is obnoxious and his dad is tight with money. He is also the oldest child to his much more confident and outgoing younger brother and beautiful talented little sister. There are also episodes that are based upon the neighborhood where people in it get Chris in trouble or make fun of him. Everybody Hates Chris has 4 seasons with 22 episodes in each season.