Why We Celebrate Women’s History Month

Rilee Bone, Editor

As March comes to an end, I think it is important to remember what we celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, and Pi Day are all in March, so there is a lot to celebrate, but March is also Women’s History Month. I am proud to say I celebrate being a woman every day of the year along with many other women, but I think it is important to discuss why we all celebrate women’s history in the month of March.


We celebrate Women’s History Month to remind ourselves and everyone else of the amazing accomplishments and growth of women over the years. Women’s History Month began in March 1987 across the entire United States. Since then, March has been known and celebrated as being Women’s History Month.


Since 1987, women have continued to fight for equality and hit new milestones everyday. Women are now able to get the justice they deserve and hold more positions of power than what was ever imagined in 1987. Still, in 2021, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Unfair disadvantages like this one are why it is important to celebrate Women’s History Month. Although the goal is to celebrate women, it is also to educate about the smallest struggles women still have 34 years after Women’s History Month was first celebrated. It is important to reflect on the past, but also look at the path ahead and what change we want to make happen.


In my opinion, the most important thing to celebrate during Women’s History Month is the powerful women who came before us. Not just what they did or what they fought for, but to celebrate those women for who they are. Since last March, we lost one of the most powerful women to come in generations before us; Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her fight for equality will never end and she absolutely set a path for future generations of women to follow. 


Ginsburg, although powerful and dearly missed, is far from the only woman we should be celebrating this Women’s History Month. Women such as Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, and even Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris are women that have taken leaps towards equality and have drifted far from social norms for women.


As this Women’s History Month comes to an end, there are so many important things to keep in mind for Women’s History Month 2022. Every woman before us has been through worse things than we could imagine today and every woman after us is capable of getting the equality we deserve today. One day a woman will be President of the United States. One day a woman will become a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. One day all women will be known to be able to do all things men can do. One day women will be equal. Our fight for equality never ends.


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” -Amy Rees Anderson