Dude… Be Nice

Hannah Jarvis, Editor

The golden rule is widely known and is a thing that most people can state automatically: treat others the way you want to be treated. As easy as it sounds, sometimes it can be a difficult thing to do. No matter how kind we wish to be, things like stress, homework, jobs, and being in a rush can distract us from helping someone in need. 

Dude Be Nice is a week dedicated to encouraging others to be the best that they can be. It helps inspire students to rally together in a fun, creative, and meaningful way to make a positive difference in our community. For Dude Be Nice week, PHS’s spirit days are listed below.


Tuesday- Kindness (Just Do It): 

Wear sports/gym apparel 

Wednesday- Ride the Wave of Kindness: 

Beach apparel

Thursday- Dream BIG and Help Others Achieve Theirs Too:

Pajama Day

Friday- Dude Be Nice Day:

Wear your Dude Be Nice shirts