Earth Day: Ways To Make A Difference Right Now


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Ellie Reese, Editor

As students, the effect we have on the world around us can feel small or even pointless, but this upcoming Earth Day is a time for change. The purpose of Earth Day is to educate and further the environmental movement in the people’s and planet’s best interest. Restoring the world sounds like a daunting project, but there are simple ways that you can help right now.


Add Some Green To Your Space

Whether you enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables, the aroma of wild flowers, or you are a natural caregiver, adding some green to your space is a great way to support the planet. The possibilities are truly endless with this one.

  • Grow your own produce
  • Start an herb garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Take care of a house plant
  • Create a bee friendly flower patch


How to start a pollinator garden:


Lend A Hand To Wildlife

Along with our precious pollinators, you can help our high flying friends by building a birdhouse. Aside from also playing a role in the pollination process, birds are nature’s pest control and gardeners. In your mind, you might be picturing the perfect wooden box, but there are more sustainable ways to do this. Examples are: an old coffee can, emptied bottles, and a dry gourd.


For more information on building a recycled birdhouse visit,a%20perch%20for%20the%20birds.&text=Screw%20in%20two%20eyelets%20into,tree%20or%20on%20a%20fence.


Get Trashy

No matter where you go, it is certain that there will be litter along the way. Have you ever thought to simply pick up the trash you see laying around? As long as you are disposing the items properly between trash and recyclables, that is all it takes to make a difference. You can take this idea a step further by organizing a litter pickup day with family and friends or get involved with a group already doing so. 


Another way to put trash to good use is by repurposing it for art. This form of expression is a great way to give life back to something forgotten.


Change Your Shopping Habits

Fast Fashion has recently come under fire for mistreating and underpaying workers, pollution contribution, and textile waste. If any of these issues get under your skin like they do mine, there are other options. 


Sustainable fashion is environmentally friendly and ethically produced. When shopping this way, you get what you pay for just like that cheap shirt that tore up after a few washes. If you want pieces that will last a lifetime, shop sustainably. 


Not everyone, however, can afford to shop this way. Good news, there are online and in-person thrift stores! Here the prices will be much cheaper and you are still keeping good quality clothing out of landfills.


If preloved clothes aren’t your thing, shop local. Potosi has been blessed over the years with boutiques. Supporting small businesses is one thing, but supporting community is huge as well.


Local boutiques and thrift/resale shops:

  • Lou Lou’s (boutique)
  • Mainstreet Mercantile (boutique)
  • Miss Kim & Co. (boutique)
  • Thrift Shoppin’ (thrift/resale)
  • Sewing by Sue & More (thrift/resale)

Check out Farmington, Mo for even more options.


For a deeper look into fast fashion click here:


Changing the world will not happen overnight. Take some time to appreciate the current world around you and go forward wanting to do better. Afterall, this is our home.