FFA Starting Off The Year


Riley Skiles

The National Convention is right around the corner for our FFA members. Due to covid last year, the convention was cancelled so our members are excited to go back this year. The National Convention is an annual event and FFA members from all over the country join together. 


Activities at the convention include guest speakers, concerts, and many other fun activities. One of the activities at the convention in 2019 included a Garth Brooks Concert. National convention takes place in Indianapolis, and lasts 4 days. This year’s convention is going to take place on October 26th-29th. 


Taylen Portell is coming into his first year of FFA. Portell stated that he was excited to go to another state and experience the convention for the first time. Portell said, “I’m very passionate about agriculture and knew this group would be perfect for me.” 


In order to go to the National Convention, you have to be a member of FFA. PHS will be taking 4 seniors, 5 juniors, 5 sophomores, and 3 freshmen. 


Marissa Callahan is the president of FFA. She said, “ I look forward to going to the National Convention to see all the people in this organization since there wasn’t a National Convention last year because of COVID. Some things that we are planning on doing at the National Convention are going to a rodeo, Fair Oaks, Lincoln’s Museums, and a Brett Young concert. We are planning on more stuff.”