Adventure in the Great Outdoors


Addie Sansegraw

“Come on Addie and Maggie grab your things and get in the Razor!”  Andrea yelled as she opened the camper door. It was our first time camping in Pevely, MO,and we were about to go on a razor ride to kill time before we went to the races. Maggie and I were so excited to finally be able to spend the whole weekend together.

It was super hot and humid outside but we had the best time!  We rode for about 3 hours  in the heat but it was totally worth every minute.  The first thing I did getting into the razor was turn on my favorite country song by Randy Travis which is “Forever And Ever, Amen.”

We didn’t have enough seats in the razor so I ended up sitting on Maggie’s lap. On the way towards the trail to ride we had a long line of razors waiting to go riding.  Through the trails their was a lot of sticks, bumps, turns, and mud.  Razors and people were everywhere! Everyone had their music up so loud! Some had rap music, others had rock, most people had country since we were back in the woods. A lot of laugher was happening since we could barley hear each other talking because of the music. 

Riding around we went by big ponds and a bunch of open fields.  The open field was for sure my favorite part because it was all open and not just a trail between trees. In the field we rode through big puddles of water, a bunch of weeds, and wet grass.

After riding for awhile we decided to park and eat.  Everyone parked next to each other  in a line with their razors to eat.  It was so fun to be able to meet new friends that loved to ride just like I did. We ate our snacks that we brought and sat and talked.  

When we finally got done eating we realized the razor was almost out of gas.  I really didn’t want to be stuck in a field with no gas while everyone else was riding and having fun. How were we going to get gas?  Was I supposed to walk all the way back to the camper for gas?! Thankfully our friends from Illinois had a gas can in their razor that we could use.  As soon as we got gas and everyone got done eating and talking we started riding again.  I spotted a trail that we have not ridden on yet and I wanted to ride on it.  My luck was it would probably be a dead end or lead us somewhere creepy.  But I decided to ask everyone if they wanted to ride there anyways.  

We decided to take that trail and it led to a creek. Everyone ended up riding through the creek to get to the other side.  The creek water was high.  I was hoping we’d all be able to make it across.  Since the water was high we all got soaked.  Water covered the whole floor board. The water felt good because it was so hot, but my clothes were sticking to me. 

The trail after the creek ended up leading us right back to our campers!  It had been a fun hot day and now we were all worn out from riding around in the sun.  We drove the razors back on the trailer and went in our camper to get ready for the races that evening. I was glad that I got to ride around and meet new people who also went on the ride. This was by far my favorite razor ride while camping.