How the Flex Program Helps Out

LeeAnna Pashea

Potosi High School offers the Flex program for students who have the majority of their school credits. The Flex program gives the opportunity to work while in school for those who already earned their credits ahead of schedule. This means that these students get a chance to have a partial school day, and not take those unneeded classes. It also helps out students who have an after school job. 

Potosi High School senior, Tyson Baker, stated, “If you have a job I definitely recommend this program because you can get more hours and make way more money.”

The Flex program helps students by letting them work more and have a better opportunity for a better job. Baker stated, “I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. It’s helped in so many ways.”  Baker also stated, “My job takes up alot of time for me. I’m constantly there and always busy. I work at the Dominos in Potosi, MO. I do a lot of stuff there like answer phone calls, take money orders, then I work making orders and then cutting the pizza. I also prepare the boxes, the pizza and everything else goes in.” 

The Potosi High School offers the Flex program because it helps the students who need a job while also going to school. Although the Flex program is not for everyone, it does help out the students who are working. To be a part of the Flex program you need to have 93% attendance you just need to be on pace to graduate attendance. So to be a part of this program you have to have a job and good attendance. So if you are struggling with your job and school then the Flex program can help out.