Mrs. Sitton Returns


Arionna Johnson, Reporter

Home. When I think of home I think of a house with my dogs and my family all around me. When I think harder I think of the town Potosi where I grew up and have my friends and family. A home can be a variety of things. Have you ever thought of what your home is? Like maybe a town where you grew up? A person that allows you to feel like you? An animal that you’ve grown attached to? Or even a BUILDING that you gave so many memories in and just love? If you ask Mrs. Sitton she will describe PHS as one of her homes

Mrs. Sitton was previously a teacher for the Potosi school district, even better, for PHS. But watch out for her in the classroom, she’s been a principal at Advance High school for the past 5 years. She loves being in the classroom again, but we all know that it has to be somewhat of a challenge transitioning not only from school to school, but from principal back to teacher. Mrs. Sitton has admitted to it herself, but has expressed deeply that she loves the transition. This is her 16th year teaching secondary science and she “LOVES” it, she stated more than once. Mrs. Sitton has been in education for 21 years and being a previous teacher at PHS, she sees the younger siblings to some of the students she has now just as she never even left her “home.” 

Mrs. Sitton is proudly married to a previous PHS graduate, Shannon Sitton. They have two kids together who are joining her at PHS. They love it here almost as much as she does. As Blair plays volleyball and Collin makes his youtube videos ( user name is G011d3n) the family loves spending the time together and are extremely happy to be back home, and we are happy to have them back home with us!