What I’ve Learned from the Class of 2022.


Football Homecoming game 2021, student section.

Alyssa Hamby, Reporter

The class of 2022 has experienced countless memories and endless lessons learned. Some things may stay heavy on our hearts, and other things we have just had to let go. As we are winding down to our last year of high school, we must give ourselves space to recap and rewind all of the previous memories, good and bad.

PHS Class of 2022 has taught me and some of the other students many lessons: the friendships made back in elementary school, some which has lasted and some which has not. Friends come and go, only having a few good friends throughout high school is okay, high school relationships don’t last forever (sometimes), school was hard, especially junior year, but now it is all worth it. Overall, the biggest lesson learned is just enjoy your school years. Don’t worry about little things that are not going to matter in 5 + years.  Now here we are, looking back at all these times and me personally, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The past 12 years, you really do remember bits and pieces from kindergarten, leading up to senior year. Now since it’s our senior year, we tend to really look back from elementary school, and TIS and then middle school wondering where all the time went and how it went by so fast. No one was lying when they said high school would fly by. I remember being a freshman, going to the senior assemblies and watching the seniors walk down the hallway in their caps and gowns thinking to myself, one day this is going to be me and my class and here we are.

PHS has given many memories for all of us to remember. And now it’s  all coming back to us. This is the year that we have all been waiting for at PHS, ever since we were in elementary school. It has been something that has always been  on our mind.

As we are celebrating our many “lasts” as high schoolers enjoy it. Make it a memory you won’t forget. Make this year count. This is our last year all together to make memories, some of us won’t see each other again after high school. We will be starting our own lives, going to college, starting families, or simply just moving away. Make all the memories you can, we are all going to miss this one day and the  memories are going to be the only thing we are going to look back on.