What Makes for a Memorable Senior Season


The team was happy with 2nd place because we had fun and missed 1st by 1 point. In the back row from left to right is Jessica Litteral, Laney Elders, Kya Gibson, Tori Krebbs, Grace Lamore, Hannah Barron. In the front row holding the plaque is Michelle Whitaker and next to her is Hailey Allgier.

Michelle Whitaker, Reporter

Senior year is going to fly by and you need to make sure you make the most of it. I never wanna forget my high school memories but especially my senior year. Here are some things I have personally done and you can as well, to experience the most memorable senior season:

  • Make it a point as a senior to welcome and get to know everyone on the team.

Knowing everyone on the team makes it easy to get along and encourage all your teammates.

  • For all away games you must bring a speaker for karaoke.

No bus ride is complete without a massive team concert shouting Olivia Rodrigo, it gets everyone pumped up before our matches.

  • Have breakfast together before matches/games/meets.

The tennis team has waffles that are specially made by the team, these waffles have no specific amount of ingredients, we eyeball all of the ingredients. They are delicious and somehow get better when we make them again.

  • Never get down on yourself, nobody will remember that bad game.

I’m personally someone who beats myself up over the smallest things and let my attitude tear down the match. Recently I’ve realized that this is my last year playing and nobody will ever remember my match 40 years from now. Now I focus on having fun no matter what and give everyone a hard time when trying to beat me.

  • Be proud of yourself for the things you did correctly.

Don’t worry about messing up and be more proud of yourself for everything you did correctly.

  • Always give 100% while competing.

Even if you are playing someone who might be better than you, make sure to always try your hardest. Make sure it is as hard as possible for them to win.

  • Take as many pictures as possible.

One thing that reminds me of my previous tennis experience is all the goofy photos I have. This year I am making sure to take as many pictures as possible.


As the tennis season comes to a close I am so glad that I have done all these things. I have made so many memories with my team, from screaming Traitor by Olvia Rodrigo at the top of our lungs, to taking the funniest pictures every match we go to. I encourage not only the future tennis teams but all sports teams to follow this list to ensure a memorable senior season.