Welcome to PHS Miss. Bloom


Arionna Johnson, Reporter

When I started this story it was about Miss Bloom. It is still about Miss Bloom but also about Mrs. Papin. For you who don’t know, on the first day of school the new theatre teacher was Miss Bloom. Well then she went on a little “break” and when she got back she was Mrs. Papin. How? Well How about lets start this off by congratulating her on her new found marriage.

Mrs. Papin has joined our school this year for her first year of teaching in person. She went to high school at Ste. Genevieve and college at Southwest Baptist University. Before she became a teacher at PHS she was teaching online debate to students across the country.

 Mrs. Papin has always wanted to be a teacher. She wants to inspire students the way that two very special teachers inspired her. She said that she wants to inspire students to have a voice for others and allow students to have a creative outlet for creative expression. She has always known that she would want to teach speech communication and theatre, which she is doing now. 

As I already stated Mrs. Papin has just gotten married. What you don’t know is that it was to her highschool sweetheart, Alex. She has a rescue dog, Korra, and is an aunt to adorable nieces (one that was just born a few weeks ago). Let’s welcome our newly wed and new teacher to the building. We can’t wait to see the musical and your first show with us. Break a leg!