Voodoo in the Real World

Voodoo in the Real World

LeeAnna Pashea, Reporter

Many teenagers know the TV series The Vampire Diaries (TVD). Well did you know Klaus and his whole family have a show of their own. It’s called The Originals, when Kol, Finn and Esther all come back from the dead in different bodies in season 1 episode 12. They all come back as Voodoo witches and start actively practicing. This takes place in the square of New Orleans, the heart of the city. As you continue to watch you see all these Voodoo dolls, candles lit and placed in circles, salt circles, bones, snakes, then all kinds of dark objects made by Voodoo witches. We all wonder if the spells actually work or if this is all just a hoax. Stick around to find out.    


Voodoo in the Classroom 

One of the most famous plays of all time, The Crucible. As many know it takes place in the 17th century during the Salem witch trials. The people of Salem, Massachusetts fear the devil reigns over their land through witchcraft committed by Salem’s own people, family and friends started accusing each other left and right. If they did something over the slightest inkling of strange events or odd behaviors, leading to infamous trails and unjust hangings. 

The main reasons this is taught in school is for the history context. 

The story just so happens to be developed through a toxic love story. John Proctor commits adultery with his servant, Abigail Williams. His wife Elizabeth kept his secret to prevent his execution. Her lie will then cause many deaths in Salem. The story shows how subjective the truth is even in real life. The affair lays foundations of lies; the story is built upon the irony in which “The Bible damns all liars.”

The Crucible reveals to the reader the cold hard truth in life isn’t always black and white. There is not always a right decision to make. There isn’t always the right thing to do, life is unfair and unpredictable. This shows a lot about Voodoo as well. It talks about the spells and rituals. This is a great play to watch if you want to learn about Voodoo and the Salem witch trials. This is all according to Zachary Russo and Katie Dysert.


Voodoo Religion

 Surprisingly Voodoo originated in west Africa. Voodoo first came to Louisiana when the West Africans slaves merged their religious rituals and practices with the local Catholic population.  This religion is connected to nature, spirits, and ancestors. Voodoo queens and kings were spiritual and political figures.


The core belief is that one god does not interfere with daily life spirits do. Some ways they connect with these spirits is through dancing, chanting, music, and snakes. It is used to cure anxiety, addictions and feelings of depression or loneliness. 


The potions, talismans, and gris- gris dolls are still found through the homes and stores of New Orleans reminding the city of the fascinations of spirits, magic, and mystery. Voodoo practices consist of readings, spiritual baths, prayer and personal ceremony. 


Voodoo in New Orleans today remains a practice to serve others and influence life events with connection to spirits and ancestors. Rituals are normally held private but there are several places that will give you a reading or help in any of your rituals. 


In New Orleans today Voodoo is widely practiced. It is used to serve others and influence life events, the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is located across the street from Congo Square. Voodoo can help in many ways if you want there is so much to learn about this rich cultural practice. 


The Truth behind Voodoo Dolls 

When you think of Voodoo you think of satanic rituals and black magic. Well this is not the case at all. The Voodoo doll is a form of “gris-gris,” a way of invoking spirits to act a certain way. 


Voodoo dolls in pop culture movies love to make them out to be a way to harm other people when in reality they are used for a representation of the person to the Voodoo spirits. This is done by linking the doll to the person by a piece of hair or other personal items.


The dolls are mainly used for healing purposes. This is done by placing the doll between white and blue candles. The idea that Voodoo dolls are meant for revenge and to harm the person are wrong.  The dolls are actually used to help people with healing and as a way to communicate with deceased loved ones. It is more about connecting with nature and your ancestors.  


If you do find a Voodoo doll of yourself don’t worry it won’t harm you but if you think that it will you can undo all the magic.