Salem Haunted Happenings


Desirae Ross, Reporter

Thanks to Comp III every PHS student knows about the Salem witch trials, but did you know that Salem, Massachusetts has a festival that lasts every day of October? It’s called Salem Haunted Happenings, they have so many activities and everyone dresses up in customs. The whole town goes all out for this event, it’s filled with activities and people from all over. 


The First

Due to the history of Salem with the witch trials, they decided to throw a festival for Samhain. The first ever Salem Haunted Happenings was in 1982, mainly for tourists who wanted to come to “Witch City” and for families so the activities were all family-friendly. It lasted only for 3 days, on halloween weekend.  However, it turned out better than they thought it would, about 50,000 people showed up to this event. 



On the first ever Salem Haunted Happenings, they only had a few activities. Psychic readings, a parade, a costume ball, haunted ghost stories and tours. As the years went on, they planned a lot more to do. The Salem website even has a calendar with events happening and the time the events start. Almost every event about Salem’s history like Salem witch trials: ”Reckoning and Reclaiming” at the Peabody Essex Museum. Each event has something to do with witches or their history. 



In 2020 the Salem Haunted Happenings had been cancelled due to the pandemic. A larger number of people were upset, people tend to look forward to October in Salem. But good news, Salem Haunted Happenings is happening right now! The event now lasts for the whole month of October instead of just 3 days! So take a road trip to Salem, Massachusetts: “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.”