Elf The Musical Cast Interview


The cast celebrates the end of the show with an old fashion kickline!

Libbie Cain and Autumn Hedrick

After the showing of “Elf the Musical” at Potosi High School, we asked a couple cast members to answer some questions. Within the following paragraphs you will have the pleasure of getting to know a little more about the cast.


What sort of person is going to love your character?

Tucker Juliette (Santa) -“ Everyone who loves Santa Clause – so everyone will love it!”

Emma Simmons (Emily Hobbs) – “ I think a lot of mothers will love and relate to my role.”


What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role? 

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) –  “This role is such an energetic character and he almost never leaves the stage. So I’m going to be exhausted.”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “I’ve never had to sing in a production before, so I am very nervous.”

Noelle Porter (Michael) – “The biggest challenge about taking on this role is the fact that the character is a male and I am a female with very long hair.”

Tucker Juliette (Santa) -“ The amount of preparation it takes to be that character.”


What do you love about your character? 

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) – “I love the positivity and the happy outlook on life that he has. It’s very inspiring to me.”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “She doesn’t say much.”

Noelle Porter (Michael) – “I love Michael’s relationship with his older brother Buddy.”

Emma Simmons ( Emily Hobbs) – “ I love that she is witty and smart and able to stand up for herself.”


Besides yourself, which actor in this production is going to blow people away? 

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) – “I think that Jayden is going to blow people away because this is his first musical.”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “Noelle Porter, and Emma Simmons.”

Noelle Porter (Michael) – “Chase and Matti will and already are blowing people away! They work so well together and their chemistry on stage is amazing. Their roles were perfectly made just for them!”

Tucker Juliette (Santa) – “ C.H.A.S.E. G.L.O.R.E.” 

Emma Simmons ( Emily Hobbs) – “ Noelle Porter, she is absolutely and her portrayal of Micheal will blow people away.”


Who has the best costume?

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) – “Santa has the best costume for sure! It’s so pretty!”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “Santa Claus (Tucker Julitee)

Noelle Porter (Michael) – “Tucker’s Santa costume is the best!”


Which is the best night to come?

Noelle Porter (Michael) – “I think opening night on Thursday or our last show on Sunday will be our best performances.”


Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) – “ Sir, I am not a horse.”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “Hey, take your meds and get back to work.”

Tucker Juliette (Santa)– “ Well he thought he was an ELF.”


What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage / the curtain goes up?

Chase Glore (Buddy The Elf) – “ I always jump up and down to get myself pumped! You have to have energy on stage.”

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “Take a deep breath, and shake the nerves out.”

Tucker Juliette (Santa) – “ Take a deep breath and say a quick prayer to god hoping that happens like it’s supposed to.”

Emma Simmons ( Emily Hobbs) – “ Take a deep breath.


When did you first perform?

Matti Cook (Jovie) – “ Freshman year, I had a lead role in the play Harvey.”


Who’s the funniest person in the cast in real life? 

Emma Simmons ( Emily Hobbs) –  “ Chase Glore.”