Potosi Takes the Win

Tyson Baker, Reporter

    Last Tuesday, Potosi faced off Jefferson with an epic varsity boys game! This was their first home game of the 2021 season and the Trojans were ready to compete! The Trojans finished the game with a total of 70 points while the Bluejays finished with 55.

    Senior, Malachi Peppers #11 had 16 points in the first half, the most out of the starting line up. As a point guard he proceeded to get many rebounds and steals. Malachi finished the game scoring 11 more shots in the second half which totaled his points to 27 at the end of the game. 

    Junior, Ty Mills #2 scored 4 points in the first half. Mills also played all four quarters, with a total of 15 points scored, one three pointer and four two pointers. Junior, Malachi Sansegraw #12 scored 4 points in the first half of the game. He finished the second half scoring 8 more points leaving the game with a total of 12 points

    Potosi high school sophomore, Gabe Brawley  #1 played all four quarters at the varsity Jefferson game. He also scored 7 points in the first half with an overall score of 11 points. Luke Brabham #23, also a potosi sophomore, ended the game with 8 points scored. He played all 4 quarters of the game. 

    The Trojans fought hard against the Bluejays and pulled out a win on their first home game of the season!