College Decision Making Process

Desirae Ross, Reporter

Decision making for most people is difficult.They can’t make up their minds on what they want or need most. But making a huge decision like: “Where do I want to go college for the next 2-4 years?” It’s a pretty big decision to make. Consider the 3 M’s when making this choice. 


College is EXPENSIVE, but students can get help by applying for FAFSA , the United States’ “Free Application for Student Aid.”. It is still a part of the decision making process. You can apply for FAFSA on and apply for scholarships on your college choice website. All these things will help but they don’t always cover everything. Thanks to A+ and grants, community colleges are often free, but private universities can cost over $40,000 a year, and even public colleges can cost up to $25,000.


Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is hard. Some people have already decided and some have not. What you decide to major in, is what will mark off some of your choices. Not all colleges have the same programs as the others or have as many. For example, Mizzou has over 300 programs and is known for journalism, while Missouri Southern State University has 140, and is known for their education majors.  


Distance also helps decide what college would be best for you. Not everyone wants to stay around their hometown, maybe you want to travel or move to the city you’ve wanted to since you were 13. However, students should know that most out-of-state public schools tend to cost at least double of in-state public schools. Then, there are the kids that want to stay close to home, or have to stay close to home. There’s nothing wrong with that.

When you decide what you would like to major in, research some colleges that have those majors. Look at the distance, cost, scholarships and deadlines.