Welcome To PHS Mr. Hector


Arionna Johnson, Reporter

Mr. Hector is someone who most of the upperclassmen already know. Not only have PHS students gone to school with his two daughters, Emilee and Molly, most of our lives, but for some, he was one of our teachers. 

Mr. Hector has been teaching for 26 years, most of those years in the Potosi school district environment. Throughout the years he has taught 2nd grade, 6th grade, ED teacher, and Title One. He has also worked as a principal. 

This year he has taken up a new position, not only at PHS for the first time but also at the alternative building. He said that so far he likes it.

Mr. Hector also has two daughters, one of them is Emilee Hector who graduated from PHS last year. His other daughter’s name is Molly Hector who is attending PHS right now. Mr. Hector has a wife that most of us know also because she is a teacher at our elementary school. Even though Mr. Hector is already pretty familiar with all of us, let’s still wish him good luck this year.