PHS takes on Alice in Wonderland!


The PHS is putting on a different version of Alice in Wonderland where two different perspectives overlap to make a funny and interactive show!

This year, the Potosi Theatre Department is hitting the stage with The Real Story of Alice in Wonderland by Kristen Doherty! This story is about Alice, the sweet little girl’s story books make her out to be, or, was she actually a nasty little piece of work? Two narrators will battle it out, as they show the audience two contrasting versions of Alice in Wonderland. Many of the students that were a part of Elf the Musical have auditioned to play in this show. Because of the success of Elf the Musical, the audience will have high expectations!

Cast List

Isabella DiFiori- Pip (Narrator)

Noelle Porter- Squeak (Narrator)

Emma Simmons- Nice Alice

Abigail Wilkins- Mean Alice

Emma Thurman- Jane

Grace Coleman- White Rabbit

Grace Laramore- Doorknob

Alaya Holland- Dodo

Alexis Johnson- Chorus

Alexia Odle- Chorus

Heather McBride- Tweedle Dee

Max Witela- Tweedle Dum

Jayden Sisk- Walrus

Khylee Luther- Carpenter 

Andrea Stewart- Other Oyster 

Robert Price- Cheshire Cat

Matti Cook- Caterpillar

Chase Glore- Mad Hatter

Allison Land- March Hare

Melissa Simmons- Card Painter Ace

Jaidlynn Gaines- Card Painter Two

Kairi Poliette- Card Painter Three

Autumn Sellers- Queen of Hearts

Tucker Juliette- King of Hearts