Cheerleaders Prepare for Homecoming

Desirae Ross, Reporter


Homecoming week is the most stressful week of the school year for cheerleaders. There is so much to do with just little time. Although it is some of our favorite week of the cheer season, it can be difficult. You have seen the performance side of the cheer team but have you seen the creativity side as well? We make pins, pick locker buddies, make baskets and create a routine to perform at the homecoming assembly. 


This year, there are four home games during homecoming week. Each home game, two of the cheerleaders make pins for whichever team is playing  the next night. These pins have the players names, sports number, and cut into a shape that describes the sport. Pins are typically made of posterboard, glitter, glue, and sharpie. We also make pins for the cheer team which comes out to be about 35 pins all together each home game. However, because of having such a crazy week, the whole cheer team will make pins for both homecoming games. 


Our job is to get everyone excited about homecoming and making the seniors feel special. We pick “locker buddies.” When you walk down the hallway and see a poster full on someone’s locker, it means they are a senior who plays a winter sport. These are full of decorations, and pictures with their names and numbers on them. 


Each winter sports player gets a paper that they fill out of their “favorite things” and give it back to their cheerleader. Starting Monday, we put a snack and drink in their locker every day until Friday. Friday they get a big basket filled with their favorite drinks, snacks, gift cards or even gifts such as candles. The baskets are from the whole cheer team. 


Homecoming is usually when the cheerleaders do their biggest and greatest performance of the season. We come up with an appropriate dance routine that goes with appropriate music, it’s more diffcult than it sounds. We also come up with a stunt that usually takes a while to get perfect. But due to covid getting worse and worse, sadly we do not get to do a routine at the assembly. 

We try to get everyone excited about homecoming. We even throw out free t-shirts to the crowd, we try our best to prepactipe in spirit week. This is one of the most stressful but exciting weeks for cheerleaders. It is our absolute favorite, we love every day of it!