What You Need to Know about Robotics Club

What You Need to Know about Robotics Club

Matthew Laird, Reporter

What You need to know about Robotics Club

Sophomore Matthew Laird

Robotics Club, known by teacher Mr. Fulton and his students as Robotics. Robotics is an all year around class built around constructing robots for various tasks and games in his class. Their first upcoming game will be in November, which will be a Frisbee-Golf tournament.

“It’s basically just having fun the whole time.” Senior Wyatt Mercer said. “The only grades in here are for the notebook and the actual robot itself.” Mercer has been in Robotics since his sophomore year. Mercer likes the class, although he says it is “challenging sometimes.” Many others share the same perspective as Mercer.

Robotics has several competitions throughout the year, starting in November and ending around the end of the school year. Anyone can watch these competitions by going to the VRC Spin-Up competition. Additional information is on their official website which anyone can visit here. The class divides into teams for the games, currently having five teams, each with three to four students. These tournaments take place across the state, from Potosi itself to North County, and even Troy.

Other than that, the class is mostly taken up by building robots for the tasks, taking a few weeks to finish one that is capable of competing in the competition. The class is in Mr. Fulton’s 7th hour. Mr. Fulton’s class is in between Mr. Neel’s woodworking and the gym. Mr. Fulton says he loves to help students out with their work, as long as it’s for one of his classes.