Help Club Meets in September


Miley Courtois, Reporter

As the year slowly comes to a start, club dues are starting to roll in, including Help Club! If you would like to join, please visit Mrs. Griffin’s room before September 16, If you are interested, a $5 dollar fee will be due. If you would still like to join, please visit Mrs. Griffin’s room.

During the spring PHS HELP club, “Help Educate Little People ” is planning to meet and attend a screening to assist Elementary Teachers and Kindergartens to help further the education of children. 

This year Mrs. Griffin said [Help Club] is organizing a drive during Red Ribbon Week to collect items for people who are going into drug and recovery programs.

Mrs. Griffin said, “My favorite part is getting to know and work with students that I don’t usually get to see during the school day. I like to be able to build relationships with all students including those younger students at other buildings.”

The first Help Club meeting was held on September 22 in Mrs. Griffin’s room from 3:00 to 3:45 P.M.