How Seniors Can Prepare for Graduation


Hannah Schwendemann, Reporter

On Friday, September 16, PHS seniors met with Jostens to order graduation items. For any senior who missed the initial order, here is the information they (or their parents) need to know:

What have students already ordered?

This past week students had the chance to order some of their senior items, such as caps and gowns, tassels, and senior apparel. 

How can students who haven’t ordered still get a cap and gown? What is the website?

If by any chance you did not get your order in, you could always order off the Jostens website which is

How can students access the group chat?

Another thing, if for some reason you feel like you are not getting the information that you need, the Seniors put together a group chat on Snapchat, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask, everyone in this group chat will see and will try their best to answer all the questions. 

How much are caps and gowns?

As for the price of your cap and gown, the website gives you many different options.

Information on back orders?

The only problem is that there are backorders on the special items such as the windbreakers, sweatshirts, leggings also including the accessories. Seniors should not worry, because their items that they order will be shipped to their house.