The Potosi Marching Band’s Show ‘Into Thin Air’ Take the Field


The Potosi Marching Band playing their show “Into Thin Air” at Drums at Appletime, Murphysboro Illinois.

Alaya Holland, Reporter

Summer is coming to an end, which means the Potosi Marching band is ready to perform this year’s show, “Into Thin Air.” 

“Into Thin Air,” under the direction of Mr. Jordan Simms, Mr. Odell Jackson, and Ms. Emily Cinciripini, tells a story of the treacherous journey up Mount Everest. 

 “I chose this show because of the solos, and the story that we could tell because we like telling stories in our marching show,” Mr. Simms said. “I’m really excited for the storm part. It sounds really cool and it’s really unique with it being in a different time signature. You don’t really see that a whole lot in the marching band world.”

The story of the climb up Mount Everest starts at the base camp with sophomore soloist Peyton Coleman. Sophomore soloist Cassidy Price softly welcomes them to the summit before going through the hectic motions of an avalanche. After struggling to get through the rockslide, the expeditioners finally get rescued.

The marching band works hard to put each show together with an average of 13 hours of practice each week. They take their story and take pride in performing it on the field in competition every weekend. 

“As far as the potential as this show has, with our really young group that we have, we have the potential to be really really well and I hope this show goes a long way. We work very hard and we hope everyone enjoys it.”