The Dreams Potosi High School Students Want To Acheive


Miley Courtois, Reporter

Students at Potosi High School have many different perspectives on life and come from different backgrounds. These different perspectives and backgrounds lead to different plans and dreams. Potosi High has around 650 students and I wondered if anyone asked them about their dreams and future plans. I decided to ask a variety of students about their dreams and plans. Most students have dreams to have a career or are working on a bucket list (what they dream of doing before they kick the bucket). As I questioned students I heard a variety of responses.  


To find out the most information, I created a written survey and distributed it to my Trojans Time and second-hour classmates and many other ways. This survey asked two questions: “What’s your dream?” and “Why do you want to achieve that dream?” Many students didn’t know how to answer and I did my best to encourage them to think about their future and participate in the survey. In my surveys, I gathered some interesting information about the PHS student body. The overall subject of the responses was about the career they wanted to acheieve. Potosi High’s most common dream was to achieve a successful career. All students in today’s generation dream of something big and what they want for their future regardless of the setting of their life. 


For example, Freshman Madelyn Schrum’s dream is to be a Radiology Technician. Madelyn said she wants to be successful because she enjoys the feeling of accomplishment and success, Just like Freshman Payton Paul’s dream. Payton dreams of being an Army combat medic. 


 Payton Paul said “I dream of being an Army medic because of the money and my dream of saving others for the sacrifice they give to the country,” Also, Freshman Grant Palmer dreams of being in the Navy. 


Grant said, “I want to join the Navy so I can make good money.”


Interests in today’s time are material things, careers, and role models we see in many ways. Careers today can be brought by interests including computer applications, Healthcare, Gaming, and any other interests we see in high-school students. Can students continue their interests and continue it into a career?


Just like Freshman Carmen East and Freshman Patience Patterson. Carmen East says she wants to continue a career with music and instruments and be able to play any instrument.


 “This is because I have a strong love for music and I would love to be able to play anything,” said Carmen East.


Continuing my responses I found that Patience Patterson says her dream is to be a veterinarian so she can save or help any helpless animal in the future,  Isabella Murphy also has the dream of continuing her passion for her interests. Isabella also wants to be an Architectural Drafter. Isabella said she enjoys printing down her ideas and wants to take her passion for that into a career,


 “I like to blueprint my ideas,” Isabella said. 


A lot of students out of my responses were about wanting to be rich or to have a career that can give them billions! Through Potosi-High a lot of the responses I saw were where to buy materialistic things like cars, houses, and other things students today dream of. Careers are mostly what students dream of when thinking of being a millionaire. 


Freshman Lily Volner has a dream of going to college and then gaining a job to have a lot of money.


Lily said, “I want to be rich so I can buy the things I dream of, and want to prize myself.” Freshman Dakota Gilbert has the dream to be a Real Estate Investor, so he can be rich and buy nice things.


 “I want to be a real estate investor because I want to make good money,” Said Dakota Gilbert. 


As I went through the feedback I got, I found few who had a passion and dream for a career in health care. Through the feedback, most students wrote they wanted their [career] for the dream of being a millionaire, but not these students.


 I found a few peers who had a passion for health care just like Freshman Jayda Higgins. Jayda has a dream to be a “big shot” surgeon.


“My biggest dream is to be a big-shot surgeon because I have always dreamed of it since I was young, and I dream to achieve one day,” Jayda said.


Most Potosi high-school students have a big passion to go outside of the bubble they have been in throughout their high school career and want to chase their dream career. Through some of my responses, I found some that have the dream of a healthcare career. Though health careers were not that common. I found that some students may have been afraid of the work and dedication that a healthcare career may take, but not Carlee Coleman! Carlee Coleman has a dream of having a nice house and continuing her career as a pediatrician.


“I hope to graduate college, be a pediatrician, and hope to be able to travel,” Carlee said.


Through my surveys, the varieties of dreams were occurring in careers. Dreams can be ventured along in many different ways, but Potosi High’s most found dream was for their future and what they plan to achieve in the upcoming years. Through my responses and questions of  “What’s your dream?” and “Why do you want to achieve that dream?” I found the dream of some of the Potosi High’s student body. What’s your dream?