Reminiscing High School Memories

Reminiscing High School Memories

L Johnson, Reporter

Throughout a student’s high school years, there’s most likely one memory that will always stick with them. Good, bad, or funny, there’s always that one story that is dying to be told. Everyone always hears adults say “I wish I were still in high school, time flies, and when you know it, you’ll be ten years out wondering where all the time went.”

High school is the time for everyone to go out and make memories, whether it is a freshman or a senior. Inside or outside of school, hanging out with friends or family. These are the memories students make before branching off and becoming an adult.

In an attempt to help students rekindle those precious memories, I asked multiple students, “What is your favorite memory from high school?” Many of the responses I received focused on participation in PHS’s performing arts programs.


“Probably the 2021 band competition at Penn State, or the very first showing of Alice in wonderland. When the spotlights hit and everyone came out at the end for recognition, being with my team in both of those situations was the most wonderful thing. you’ve never felt support until you’ve been involved in a PHS extracurricular activity” junior Andrea Stewert. 

“It would probably have to be my sophomore year when I found out that I had made the color guard team when I thought I wouldn’t. Also how everyone on the team was excited that I had made it with them! I was able to overcome most of my anxiety because everyone kept telling me it would be okay.” junior Elizabeth Lessener.  

“That memory from high school would be from a band competition when we went to Pinckneyville and almost swept our class. We almost made grand champs, but in the end, Marion high school beat us by 5 points” sophomore Peyton Coleman.


When I was told I made all districts for choir. It was my favorite because all of us that auditioned sat in the school for hours, all scared but supported each other until we all pushed through. Then getting through that and being told I made it was the best feeling because of all the effort that it took. I felt shocked and relieved to hear that I succeeded with the thing I am most proud of.” senior Avery Grindstaff.

“Being able to be a part of the theater department. I come from a family that doesn’t have that much money, and when I don’t have something I need, I am supported by my friends and peers. School used to be something I hated, but my newfound family in theater and speech makes school my second home.” sophomore Aaron Thompson.

“My favorite memory in high school was my junior year when we had the music. I would have to say that was the most memorable and the best time I’ve ever had at school. Being a part of the theater program is something I think everyone should experience and I would do it all over again if I could I would even do the ones from the years before if I would have been confident enough.” senior Grace laramore.


“Going to prom with my best friends freshman year. It was my favorite memory because I got to hang out with all my closest friends for a night before they graduated. The biggest thing I remember about that day is going and getting pictures taken with Hailey Hettenhausen.”  sophomore June Sandberg.

“My favorite memory in high school was when I was a freshman, I and my friend group had a certain lunch table that we would sit at every day. We would just talk and talk and throw food at each other. It was just one of the best memories I had moving into my freshman year” junior Lillian Portell.

High school is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. Although it may seem scary at first, with time, you will get to the treasure and appreciate everything around your experiences. Four years being spent with so much excitement and emotions. Memories are made every day with your friends and peers that get to be around five days a week, and it’s important that we take time to appreciate these special moments Although some memories are cherished more than others, these moments will be with you for years to come.