When We Collided book review

Author: Emery Lord

Cassidy Price, Reporter

Have you ever struggled with your identity or individuality? This book has all of the feelings in the world. It has very passionate feelings, flat feelings, restrained feelings, and all the other feelings in between. 


When We Collided is about Seventeen-year-old Jonah Daniels whose life was perfect until his father passed away and sixteen-year-old Vivi Alexander who has lived life by an impulse. Jonah and his five siblings struggle to maintain their home and the restaurant their father left behind, while their mother is submerged in depression and grief. The whole family is just trying to survive but then Vivi enters their town. As Vivi and Jonah begin spending time around each other, they start feeling empathy for one another. Vivi and Jonah have very unique personalities and are fascinated by the deepest secrets that are slowly escaping each other’s minds. Everything is going great until curiosity and the revenge of a mental illness takes over the young and carefree mind of Vivi. 


This great story has effectively expressed the problem of mental illness. The characteristics of the characters are highly developed, and they are realistic and emotional. The description of feelings are wonderful. A simple plot with surprising depth that is also fascinating, heartwarming, and tragic. The author did a wonderful job drawing a connection to readers.


If you enjoy a simple storyline with honesty, emotion, and sorrow this is the book for you. It will help you discover yourself and even freshen your outlook on others.


I would rate this book a four out of five. I’m not a reading person, but when I actually started reading this book I was hooked. This book connected to me personally and got me to read again.