Roku Streaming Devices Review


Different types of Roku devices that can be purchased online.

Hannah Frazier, Reporter

Roku allows streamers to easily and affordably access their favorite tv shows or movies.

Roku is open to all different types of audience. There are roughly 63.1 million people using Roku in the United States today (including myself). Their user base has doubled in just the last year!

 Roku is a combination of all your favorite streaming networks. Such as:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Paramount 
  • etc.

Roku has fairley affordable prices. The coast of roku streaming devices can vary depending on what you are wanting as of the device itself. They can range anywhere from $17.99 to $90.99. You can order your cheapest device right here right now at the link below!

Roku competes with multiple other companies in the steaming industry such as Comcast and Apple TV. They also compete with similar streaming platforms such as Hulu.

Roku allows you to access multiple streaming platforms (with a subscription) that play tons of your favorite shows or movies. Roku also offers movie rentals and other payment based services. Roku is a very simple device to set up, any tv with a HDMI port will allow the device be plugged in and ready to watch. Roku offers a mobile app in case you lose the remote or just want to connect with your phone. 

 I recommend Roku because not only is it cheap but it only has fantastic quality and is very easy to set up and start watching. So if you ever find yourself not knowing what to watch take a look at Roku and its variety of options.

My rating on Roku streaming devices is a five because Roku has been a very loyal and easy service to work with. I never not know what to watch or what to watch it on because there are so many choices.