Wonders of a Visa Gift card

L Johnson, Reporter

With Christmas coming right around the corner and family members not knowing what to get kids who still have no idea what they would like, a Visa Vanilla Gift card is the way to go.  

Visa gift cards open up so many opportunities for kids, adults, and college students such as:

  • Allowing the receiver to buy their own needs
  • Multiple store usage
  • Online purchases (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.)

The gift card would also be great for when students are off to college and need things such as furniture, appliances, and groceries. This is also a great gift to give teenagers. Maybe you have a friend who you are dying to buy something for and they have no clue as to what they want. The card can be used at any given fast food place, gas station, and supermarket.

I personally would rate Visa gift cards 5/5 stars. I never know what I want for Christmas since I also have a birthday in December. I end up getting useless things that will just be thrown in a box at the end of my bed. The Visa gift card opens up so many more opportunities than just getting a gift card to only one place.

The cost of a gift card ranges from 10$-500$, with an activation fee of $5.95 upon purchase. The amount you want on the card depends on how much you are wanting to spend. The gift card can also be obtained at various stores including Walmart, Target, and many gas stations. 

For those who don’t want to pay an activation fee, other solutions might include buying a gift card to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and stores ranging with all kinds of items instead of one specific place.