“Where the Crawdads Sing” Movie Review

Gracie Elders, Reporter

“Where the Crawdad’s Sing” is a movie that was released on July 15, 2022. This movie describes life and adventures of a young isolated girl named Kya as she is maturing in the marshes of North Carolina.


Gossip of the “marsh girl” has been lurking in Barkley Cove. In 1969, when Chase Andrews was found dead, everyone had a suspicion that it was Kya Clark, but Kya is not what everyone thinks. Kya calls the marsh home, she is a tactful and smart girl that has been alone in the marsh for years. Kya wants to be loved, and just when she realizes that, two men become intrigued by her stunning looks. Kya is open to a new life until something unimaginable happens.


The character development within the movie captures a different effect on watchers than other movies of 2022 thus far. The symbolism of the animals have an importance to Kya, the blue heron symbolizes strength and self-dependence. Kya feels empathy for this bird in the marsh. 


This movie is very intriguing. After seeing the book being a best seller I had to watch the movie. The movie shows loads of self-dependence which is a very respectable thing, for example, Kya learns to survive the world on her own. The use of multiple genres within this movie was also very interesting to me, it has a romance, mystery, and even a thrilling element which brings so much realism into the movie. 


Although the movie is very practical and in my opinion does not have many flaws, the romantic part  of this movie gets more progressive throughout the storyline. Some of the things brought along with this “love interest” in the movie are wholly impractical and unlikely.


Olivia Newman, the filmmaker of “Where the Crawdads Sing” had motivation to film this movie after reading the novel from 2018. The original writer of this book is Delia Owens, her inspiration for this book was her introverted nature versus Kya’s isolation, Owens said that she based the novel off of part of her experience living.


Overall, this film provided deeper meaning to the book by completely bringing it to life and giving the full experience of everyone’s visualization during the book. I would highly recommend this book and film to anyone who is looking for an interesting story with many turning and exciting points throughout!