“It Ends With Us” Book Review

Miley Courtois, Reporter

Have you heard of the newly admired novel, It Ends With Us? You have probably seen it on many social media sites or in somebody’s hands! It Ends With Us is a romance fiction by Colleen Hoover. As you read It Ends With Us, you will find the love triangle between Lily, Ryle, and her past love Atlas.  

It Ends with Us brings many emotions and as reviewed on many social media sites as an “Emotional roller coaster” or as a “Tear-Jerker,” It Ends With Us brings many problems individuals face today into perspective as [Author] Colleen Hoover brings us through the relationship of Lily and Ryle. Through Lily’s relationship with Ryle, Atlas, her first love, reappears and Lily finds reappearing dilemmas in her life she is not ready to face. As the book continues to escalate we find a side of the couple we wouldn’t expect and the changes Lily has to face.

Lily Bloom is a young 23-year-old college student and has most recently moved to Boston after circumstances separated her from Atlas Corrigan. Lily is finally set in her life but Lily gets thrown into a whirlwind when Ryle Kincaid becomes a big part in her life and Lily does not know how to control it.

I recommend this book because of the emotions it can bring someone through, and the genres it includes that most people would enjoy. It Ends With Us has a very fast-paced plot and introduces a few characters as it continues and brings plot twists without notice. I think most teenagers and young adults would enjoy this book, as the novel gained most of its popularity through sites teenagers use today. It Ends With Us may contain some content not appropriate for readers.