Apple Watch, Is It Worth It?


Paige Ross, Reporter

I own the Apple Watch SE, 1st generation. It is a super convenient product because It can help keep you healthy, deliver notifications, make calls, send texts, and run simple apps, all right on your wrist. It is very easy to use and very handy when you cannot have your phone. It is also water resistant up to 50 meters. 

The Apple Watch SE came out in September 2020 and has a price tag of $249, which is super affordable compared to the other Apple Watches. The Apple Watch Ultra, which came out in 2022, is $799. The series 8 Apple Watch is $399. 

The FitBit is also a different type of watch to track your fitness, it is $299. While it is around the same price, it doesn’t have all of the features the Apple Watch has. It cannot track calls or get call notifications. It also does not have an alarm or a payment selection also,

With the Apple Watch you won’t miss a call, text, or notification, even if you don’t have your iPhone. You can use the map on the device or you can even listen to music and podcasts. Most people use it for those reasons. Everyone is different, there are lots of neat and quick tasks you can do on the Apple Watch.

I recommend buying this product if you are into fitness or you just don’t like to be on your phone. It can give you precise calorie data while you’re working out because of the heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch is always strapped to your wrist so it knows your steps, your walks, runs, and it’s easier than carrying your phone to count your levels.

The Apple Watch also offers emergency features like crash detection and compass trackback. Overall, I rate this product 5/5. I use it almost every day, and it is definitely worth the price tag.