The Real Zebos Review

Reporter Matthew Laird


Matthew Laird, Reporter

I’m here to write a review on the small yet amazing band The Real Zebos, or TRZ for short. You’re probably laughing hearing the name yes, but they are actually an incredibly good band. Coming from Omaha, Nebraska, the 5 members, Connor Brandt, Jordan Gaul, Jake Strange, George Cooper, and Logan Swander, all started the band as a dorm room project in 2014. Since then, they have amassed over 66 thousand listeners on Spotify, and over 1 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

 The Real Zebos make Alternative/Indie rock music, with songs such as Indie Girls, Get Around, Fake Jewelry, and Out of Touch. They recently made a new album called “no style” which has 8 songs on it. The songs go as follows, no style, Cynical, bcuz i can, What is my Life, Indie Girls, Were All Going Solo, Running In Place, and Simple Love. The album was made and released Sept 23, 2022. This is their 4th album, their first 3 being “Strictly Platonic” “Out of Touch” and “Fake Jewelry”.

 Other artists try to spit out as many songs as possible, in order to make a profit and a bigger fan base. TRZ, on the other hand, makes songs for entertainment. I believe they are better than all other artists. Other artists simply want fame, clout, or wealth. TRZ on the other hand, just makes songs based on them wanting to make them.

Being part of one of the biggest genres of music, The Real Zebos are similar to many bands, such as Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage the Elephant, and a few others. It’s such an amazing and simple band, not to mention insanely friendly.

Overall, I love The Real Zebos so much.  I rate them a perfect 5/5 stars. They are an underrated band and deserve far more attention and love. I believe you should listen to their music sometime, it’ll definitely be worth listening to.