The Sound of Music Movie Review


Hannah Schwendemann, Reporter

The Sound of Music, a musical first released in 1965, is based on a real life story of Von Trapp Family singers, one of the world’s best-known concert groups during World War II.  Julie Andrews plays the role of Maria, which is a tomboyish sister at an abbey who then becomes a governess in the home of a widowed naval captain with seven children, and brings a new love of life and music into the home. The story setting of this musical takes place in Austria. 

In this story Maria learns a lot of lessons, as she doesn’t quite fit at the abbey, so she takes an opportunity to become a governess (a woman who is employed to teach in a private household) for this widowed naval captain. While Captain is gone Maria is left at home with all seven children to teach and care for them. At first she dislikes children but as she is spending more time with them she enjoys being around them and she then becomes attached to these seven children.. The children didn’t know how to feel about her, they were also scared that she was gonna leave like the other 5 governess before her. Maria and the seven children created a bond and began singing everyday. The singing everyday led to them performing in front of everyone at the end of the musical. Not only did Maria create a never ending bond with the children, she also created one with Captain. The human emotion of love is unseen in both of them to be together, but within time together, they overcome every obstacle. Including surviving the terrible problem of the Nazi’s occupation. They eventually found out they were in love with each other, they got married and lived happily ever after with the seven children. 

Americans to this day still watch this musical. The reason you may ask? It is a powerful and almost magical film that doesn’t just unite the Trapp family but also shows how the strength of togetherness, love, and sense of community could help overcome the horrors of war. My personal opinion of this musical is that I enjoy watching it. The music is beautiful, I have seen it so much that I sing along everytime I watch it. The choreography and acting is outstanding and enjoyable to watch, it goes perfectly with the music and it is so beautiful to me.

The film-maker of this production is Robart Wise and his purpose of this musical was to capture a personal tale of growth and hope within the horrors of World War II. To show that with a war still occuring there are still good and beautiful things happening around each other to help get through the hard times. Robart Wise was definitely successful with his purpose. The bright colors, the choreography and music all showed how the good times outweigh the hard times. 

I give this musical a 5/5 rating.