Activities Fill the Day on Funday Friday

A'moniea Lemons

Potosi High School will have a spectacular day for its students on Friday, December 16. Students will have the opportunity to pick which activity they would like to go to. On Wednesday, December 7 the list of super fun activities will be posted on the student’s class of page in Google Classroom. 


On the day of the activities, Unitec students can go to Unitec or stay behind at school for the fun. The activities will start at 8:15 and will end at 10:45. 


Newly added activities 


Play bingo with Mrs. Christopher and Mrs. Crocker (In the Library)

Watch “Polar Express” with cookies and hot chocolate with Miss Major (Room 4)

Color Christmas coloring pages and enjoy snacks with Mrs. Ross (Room 2)

Paint watercolor Christmas postcards with Mrs. Hill and Ms. Reichert (Room 10)

Play Mario Cart with Mr. Bradley and Mr. Anderson (Room 212)

Make DIY beauty product gift baskets with Mrs. Bernhardt (Room 220)

Play dodgeball tournament with Mr. Wyrick, Mrs. Mathews, Mr. Urich, and Mrs. Sadler (In the gym)

Make caramel popcorn and watch a movie with Mrs. Smith (Room 3)

Make Christmas crafts with Mrs. Long and Mrs. Franklin (Room 53) 

Play Catchphrase with Mr. Pullins (Room 225)

Play in an acoustic guitar jam with Mr. Neal and Mr. Meyers (Room 12)

Play board games and video games with snacks with Ms. Silvey (Room 214)

Play MAFIA role-playing games with Mr. Dement (Room 19)

Make an origami box with Christmas cards with Mr. Conaway and Mrs. Politte (Room 7) 

Watch a movie with Mr. Chavosky (Room 52) 


Activities returning last year 


Make ornaments (snacks/drinks) with Mrs. Kay, Mrs. Lively, and Mrs. Cordia (Rooms 215 & 216)

Wrap a gift that you bring with tips ( movie and Christmas Crack Popcorn ) Mrs.Sitton (Room 55)

Play trivia with Mr. Huddleston and Mr. Kester (Room 221) 

Play board games and make crafts with Mrs. Degonia (Room 26C)

Cornhole tournament with Mrs. Luther and Mr. Muller (Wrestling Gym)

Play Jenga, listen to Christmas music, and watch a movie with snacks with Mr & Mrs. Fulton (Room 54)       


Mrs. Kay, event organizer, said, “Students are allowed to edit their selections up to December 13. After that, students will not be allowed to make changes.”


The sign up sheet will close Tuesday, December 13.