Homecoming Hallway Decorating Contest


PHS will be doing their annual hallway decorating contest for the basketball homecoming against the Central Rebels the week of January 9th. 


This year’s homecoming will be Hollywood. The hallway theme is Award shows. 


Here are the following themes:

Freshman: Tony awards (Math hallway)

Sophomores: CMA awards (Gym hallway)

Juniors: Nickelodeon Kids awards (Nurse hallway)

Seniors: Oscars (Commons)


Students will work on the hallways in their Trojan Time class throughout the week of January 9th. Each class has a head faculty sponsor: Mrs. Cordia is the freshman, Mr. Huddleston is the sophomores, Mrs. Sitton is the juniors, and Mr. Kester is the senior.


If you need any other information please contact the teachers that are listed above.