PHS Decorating Homecoming Hallways


Tabitha Asher, reporter

Potosi High School is decorating the hallways for basketball homecoming starting on Monday, January 9, throughout the week during Trojan times, and any free time they have in class. Each class will have a certain theme and hallway to decorate during this week.


The freshman sponsor, Mrs.Cordia, will be helping out the freshman decorate the math hall as the Tony Awards. Some of the ideas for the decorations is to make an entrance into the math wing with a banner and a 3D star against the wall made out of cardboard and foil. They wanted to put it at the end of the wall but didn’t want it to block the student passageway


Freshman Logan Goodson said, “We’re getting further. I think decorating the halls are really fun and I think we have a good chance at winning.”


The sophomore sponsor Mr.Huddleston will be helping the sophomores decorate their hallway as CMA awards in the hallway by the gym. Their idea is hanging guitars from the ceilings. They are also putting pictures of students’ heads on bodys of singers. They also want to make records against the walls and put athletes’ names on them with records that describe them.


Sophomore Delilah Eye said, “We’re not very far right now but so far it looks good.”


The juniors sponsor Mrs.Sitton will be helping the juniors decorate for Nickelodeon Kids awards in the nurses hallway. Some of their ideas for their hallway are blimps, a bucket with slime at the beginning of the hallway and paper slim on the walls, and pictures of junior cheerleaders and pommies with fat heads. 


Junior Lillian Sansoucie said, “ I think our hallway looks good, it’s fun having an activity for everyone to participate in.”


The seniors sponsor is Mr, Kester, he will help out the seniors to decorate the hallway as the Oscar Award in the commons area. Some of their ideas for their hallway are that each senior is personalizing a star with their name to hang from the ceiling in the commons area. The other ideas for the hallway is there will be spotlights, and a red carpet with a picture screen. Mr. Kester really wants the seniors to win.


Senior Jade Williams said, ”The hallways competition is always good for the classes. I am very competitive and will do anything to win. I work on the hallway all day everyday to try and be the best. The Class 2023 is on a roll with winning last year so this year we are hoping to take the win again.”