We Appreciate You, Mrs. Cordia!


Blair Sitton, Reporter

No one gets things like Mrs. Cordia. Mrs. Cordia has not only helped me with comp work and yearbook things, but also helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. She has helped me tremendously in picking out classes I need to take to get into the college I want to get into. She has this college and career readiness tutoring in the mornings just to help students with college. The way that she gets up and goes out of the way early in the morning to help students decide their career pathway is just amazing to me. 


What she does in this program is helping them get enrolled in college classes at MAC and make sure you don’t get too stressed out over everything. One day during Trojan time, I came in to see what Lindenwood was asking for, for incoming freshmen. We couldn’t find anything for what they expect from freshman so she had decided to call the freshman admissions advisor and she couldn’t help us with what we were looking for. We went through at least 4 different people when we finally got an answer. She spent 2 class periods helping me with this even though she had other kids in her class doing other work, but she wouldn’t let me go until we got all of it figured out.


 Just the way that she took out her teaching time to help me with that just changed my perspective on how serious things are and how helpful she really is with all of her students. I have gathered some information from a fellow student here at PHS, freshman Myla Blair, “Mrs Cordia helps her College and Career Readiness trojan time by helping us figure out where we want to go to College. She calls the college and in Mrs Cordia fashion demands answers from them about their class offerings and what we need to take for our career paths. For those of us who don’t know where we want to go to college after high school or even where she pushes us to find job paths we love.”


She always asks me how i’m doing and if i’m okay. She is a very hard teacher to her students but she is like this to do what’s best and to prepare her students for the real life world problems. Mrs. Cordia works very hard as our yearbook advisor and she allows us to have food days every month to reward us for all of our hard work. She cares for her kids like they are her own. Senior editor, Jade Williams, has had Mrs. Cordia all four years of high school. She has seen the light and dark and with Mrs. Cordia being a family friend she has made a closer bond with her in and out of the classroom. “Mrs. Cordia has made me the person I am today and I cannot thank her more for that. She has always pushed me to be the best and because of her, I am more confident to take on my dreams and goals.” Mrs. Cordia is very special and will always be one to remember.