My Most Memorable Teacher


Mr. McRaven helping MoOp students.

Paige Ross, Reporter

I’m sitting in Mr. McRaven’s class staring at the “3/10” on my Chromebook screen. Sadly, I failed my Algebra test. I thought I studied enough and went over the practice work, but I guess not. “Paige, come up here and we can re-work your test together.” Mr. McRaven says. I walk up to his desk, disappointed in myself. I cannot believe I failed. I put my Chromebook on his desk waiting for him to pull my “Edmentum” account up on his computer.

 “It’s okay that you didn’t pass the test, I am here to help you. If you need to, you can go ask a math teacher for help.” Mr. McRaven reassures me. This makes me feel better. He works over the questions with me and has me resubmit it. “9/10.” Finally! “Thank you!” I say, happy that I finally passed my test.

Mr. McRaven has been my Credit Recovery teacher for three years. I have had a rough high school career starting sophomore year, he has always helped me and kept giving me that extra push I needed to not give up. Mr. McRaven has always asked me about my day and how I am. Not just me though, he asks everyone that he sees in the hallways and that comes through his classroom door.

Mr. McRaven is a credit recovery and MoOp teacher. One of his former Mackenzie Ross has told me, “I had Mr. McRaven for a short amount of time my sophomore year, he always helped me with my work and would make sure I was passing everything. He helped me with the questions I did not know and just overall gave me that push to finish off the year that I did not have the spirit to finish.” 

Mr. McRaven always allows his students to work at their own pace and makes sure they understand everything before he just throws them into it. I was having trouble with my credit recovery Algebra 2 work, so he sent me to my math teacher for tutoring to get help. He always does his best to help his students succeed.

This teacher has impacted so many students and kids. He makes them feel welcome into his classroom and makes it a safe place for everyone. Mr. McRaven is one of the big reasons I will be pursuing my career in teaching after I graduate. He shows me how great it is building bonds with the students and teachers, also the impact you can make in all of their lives.