Mr. Kester Influences Students


Autumn Hedrick, Reporter

     When high schoolers consider taking college classes, most think they should wait. Students do not want to do college work with strict and demanding teachers during high school. “I can take those classes in college when everyone else is,” I thought. That was until a counselor talked to me about Mr. Kester.

     Mr. Kester was my psychology teacher and is currently my sociology teacher. He has been teaching at Potosi High School for many years now. Although this is the first year I have had him, this school year, I have gotten to know him as an approachable, joke-telling, and funny personality kind of teacher. When he teaches, he involves everyone in the class. I mean everyone. He makes things more understandable than any online class that PHS students are taking ever could. Involving students using scenarios that reflect our interests and lives makes PHS kids, including me, want to be in his class. Mr. Kester is always there, making sure every one of his students feels cared for and has a smile on their face by asking them how their day is going or how their weekend was.

     Mr. Kester stays involved and active in the district, along with the students’ lives. He not only teaches psychology and sociology but also has classes in teaching and history. All of these are college classes, so not only is he teaching classes that some of the other teachers aren’t qualified to do, but he also gives us students the opportunity to receive college credits during high school. He also keeps involved by being the senior head sponsor and the director of the academic team.

     Mr. Kester was named Teacher of the Year and the Missouri State Winner of an Outstanding Teacher of American History by the Daughters of the American Revolution.