The Unsung Hero: Makya Fisher

Lilyann Sansoucie, Reporter

There are many students that attend Potosi High School who go unnoticed, silently working behind the scenes to make our school a better place. One student in particular, Makya Fisher, a Junior here at PHS, who does not seek recognition for her good deeds but instead quietly goes about helping others in need. Besides her unassuming nature, Makya’s contributions to our school are undeniable. Every day she comes to school with a smile on her face and a willingness to help anyone who needs it. She actively participates in school clubs like Art Club and Adopt a Student, and she stays after school sometimes when a teacher needs help. 


Makya is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow classmates, especially those who are struggling academically or emotionally. She takes the time to listen to their concerns, offers advice or support, and provides resources to help them succeed. One of Makya’s most significant contributions to our school was the Mosaic Festival. Makya had helped set up the gym with some other students and even stayed after to help after school. She even created some pieces of art that were displayed at the Mosaic Festival. 


Makya helps not only her fellow students but her teachers as well. Makya has helped some of her teachers with preparing class materials and even staying after to help with after-school events, just like she did with the Mosaic Festival. By helping out her teachers she had lightened the burden for her teachers, allowing them to focus their time more on the students’ education. Makya had said she doesn’t expect anything from anyone for help, but she helps others in hopes that they would do the same for others. 

There are some students from art club that look up to Makya and are very proud of her for helping others. There are many students that are just like Makya, helping others that are in need and need someone to talk to, that go unnoticed by the students of PHS. The students and staff of PHS are grateful for people like Makya who lend a helping hand whenever someone needs it.