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Mr. McRaven’s drive encourages him to help students

Mr. McRavens drive encourages him to help students

Mr. McRaven serves as both a Missouri Options (MoOp) teacher and a credit recovery teacher at PHS. From personal experience, I can attest that his contributions at PHS are undervalued and have a profound impact on students’ lives.The MoOp program is available to 17-year-old students who are in danger of not completing high school, encompassing a wide variety of students from various races, genders, and backgrounds, each facing unique challenges and weaknesses. Mr. McRaven diligently works with these students throughout the district who previously believed that obtaining a diploma was an unattainable goal. Mr. McRaven assists these students in obtaining their diplomas when traditional graduation paths are not accessible. He excels as both a mentor and an educator. In this interview, he discusses his role, provides an interview, and addresses the motives that drive him.

Mr. McRaven served as my credit recovery instructor for a credit I was unable to obtain. Throughout the semester, he has motivated me to put in extra work and use effort, encouraged me to attend school regularly, and consistently offered assistance to those in need, whether through conventional methods or the MoOp approach. He is faithful to helping students learn and prepare for their future, actively engaging with the class, and maintaining open communication with each of his students allowing them to feel comfortable in the classroom. Mr. McRaven’s exceptional teaching skills, combined with the alternative paths he took to enter the teaching profession, have allowed him with the ability to support struggling students in achieving success.

Mr. McRaven consistently speaks positively about teaching to his students, strongly believing that his actions can serve as an inspiration for them to behave in a more model and compassionate manner. Unlike many other teachers, Mr. McRaven entered the teaching profession at a later stage in his career and life, having previously worked as a juvenile officer. During his time in that role, he dedicated himself and bettered himself to assisting and helping troubled children and always strived to better their lives, making certain that they were able to make the most of the opportunities that are obtainable to them. By setting ambitious but attainable goals for his students and rewarding their efforts, Mr. McRaven proves his commitment to their education and overall well-being for their future. His genuine concern for his students is transparent in the way he consistently goes above and beyond to support them.

During his adolescence, Mr. McRaven experienced a series of frequent relocations and a scary amount of unpredictability. To handle and deal with the stress, he turned to sports as a means of escape, with baseball becoming his favorite. His passion for the sport has endured, leading him to currently serve as a baseball coach for the students at PHS. Despite having a team filled with underclassmen this year, Mr. McRaven remains optimistic and determined to guide them towards achieving success at the district level. Showing PHS student teachers and other staff that support can help as much as anything else.

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